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46 The Benefits of Negative Correlation with Roy Niederhoffer of R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management – 2of2

“The markets provide a certain level of novelty and demand a certain level of attention and creativity that very few jobs do.” – Roy Niederhoffer (Tweet) In our continued conversation with Roy Niederhoffer, we discuss risk management, drawdowns, why negative correlation is so important to Roy, and what gets him out of bed every morning…

12 The Philosophy, Habits and Personal Traits Required to Excel in the Hedge Fund Industry with Mathias Bucher of AllMountainCapital – 2of2

“I think we are in a major, industrialization of the finance industry. The CTA industry is no exception” Welcome back to Top Traders Unplugged. In this episode we continue our conversation with Dr. Mathias Bucher the Co-Founder of AllMountainCapital. In this episode we go deep in the philosophy, habits and personal traits required to excel in…