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Here are just 3 of my many guests — all very experienced and interesting investment experts! Click on the numbers to listen to their podcast episodes.

Marty Lueck – Aspect Capital

  • Marty Lueck
  • Aspect Capital
  • 123

Katy Kaminski

  • Katy Kaminski
  • 12

Marty Bergin

  • Marty Bergin
  • DUNN Capital Management
  • 12

The free eBooks are packed with useful information for the experienced and aspiring investor or trader, written by some of the top industry experts!

Seven Questions to Ask Your Systematic Fund Manager

  • Seven Questions to Ask Your Systematic Fund Manager
  • R. Carver & N. Kaastrup-Larsen

  • Nine Mistakes to Avoid When Using Systems for Trading
  • R. Carver & N. Kaastrup-Larsen

  • 8 Vital Steps in Pursuit of Excellence in Futures Execution
  • J. Udall & N. Kaastrup-Larsen


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