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105 The Many Flavors of Trend Following with Niels Kaastrup-Larsen of DUNN Capital (Europe)


“As an industry, I think we tend to overcomplicate what trend following really is.” – Niels Kaastrup-Larsen (Tweet)

We’re changing things up on today’s episode of the podcast: we have with us Frank Conway from the Economic Rockstar Podcast interviewing Niels about trend following strategies, asset allocation, and more. Listen in to find out what changes need to be made in the trend following space, the importance and benefits of your asset allocation when it comes to your investments, and new publications that can take you farther in mastering trend following and managed futures.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Niels has worked hard to keep his explanation of trend following as simple as possible
  • Why at the end of the day, all investors are trend followers
  • What really sets one trend follower apart from another

“People overestimate ideas and underestimate execution.” – Niels Kaastrup-Larsen (Tweet)

  • How trend following techniques have evolved over time
  • What traits Niels sees in the company he works with as most important in their 40+ year success
  • The challenges and difficulties of trend following
  • Why trying to do it yourself in trend following can hurt rather than help
  • Why successfully executing a trend following strategy is not something that Niels believes everybody can or should do

“Very often, the seduction of safety is often more dangerous than the perception of one’s certainty, and I think people need to be aware of that when they decide on their investment strategies.” – Niels Kaastrup-Larsen (Tweet)

  • Why despite their successes, many trend followers feel an embarrassment in showing their track records
  • How the right asset allocation can build safer and better performing portfolios
  • Why it’s important to have “skin in the game” as an investment manager
  • The importance of COI versus ROI
  • What Niels thinks of cryptocurrencies and how it relates to trend following

“You don’t need to be perfect to get started with trend following; you really just need to get started.” – Niels Kaastrup-Larsen (Tweet)

  • Why DUNN Capital trades the VIX and its importance in their portfolio
  • What inspired Niels to write his recent books on trend following and managed futures
  • The purpose behind Niels outreach, whether it’s podcasts, books, newsletters, or anything else
  • What Niels hopes people will get out of his books

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Download your own FREE copy of Niels’ new book with Hari Krishnan, “The Many Flavors of Trend Following

Find out more about Niels’ new publication with Katy Kaminski, “How To Master Managed Futures”

“I truly believe [trend following] is the most dependable and consistent investment strategy.” – Niels Kaastrup-Larsen (Tweet)