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96 The Simplicity of Trend Following with Katy Kaminski, Alex Greyserman & Roberto Osorio – 2of2

“We evolve over time to survive – we are constantly trying to find better ways to do what we do.” – Katy Kaminski (Tweet)

Thanks for tuning in to the second part of our roundtable conversation with three of the leading voices in the trend following industry today. In this episode, we discuss how the industry has evolved, what the future looks like, and how to educate investors on the merits of trend following.

Thanks for listening and please welcome back Katy Kaminski, Alex Greyserman & Roberto Osorio.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How has trend following evolved in the past decade
  • The different kinds of diversification and how important they are
  • The concept of divergent strategies

    “People get into analysis paralysis mode.” – Alex Greyserman (Tweet)

  • Different ways of generating signals
  • Why entries are the least important
  • How to figure out what are the most robust parameters to use
  • Why you should try to debunk any new trading ideas

    “Trend following matches nicely with so many of the more fundamental trading approaches out there.” – Katy Kaminski (Tweet)

  • How trend following CTAs perform risk control
  • How to educate investors on trend following firms and methods
  • How many trend following managers should you invest in

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“The details of the strategy make up the difference.” – Roberto Osorio (Tweet)