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16 Top Traders Round Table with James Koutolas, Tim McCourt, and Roy Niederhoffer – 1of2

“The reason that I’m so bullish on crypto is that it’s the first fixed supply asset that has ever existed in human history, with all of the characteristics of money, but without the vice of overcreation, which has happened 100% of the time in human history.” – Roy Niederhoffer (Tweet)

Welcome to Top Traders Round Table, a podcast series on managed futures brought to you by CME Group. On today’s episode, guest host Chris Solarz speaks with Tim McCourt, the Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products at CME Group, James Koutolas, CEO of Typhon Capital Management, and Roy Niederhoffer, President of R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management. Our guests today are at the forefront of cryptocurrency investment and their views give insight on where it is headed, from public acceptance to their integration in managed futures. Listen in to today’s episode to learn what makes cryptocurrency unique in human history, the long-term effects of investment, and the new developments that change how we invest them.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What makes Bitcoin so unique among the history of currencies
  • The differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • What challenges CME faced in creating a futures on something virtual

“The challenge [in making the Bitcoin futures] was making sure that as we brought this product to market, that we implemented all the proper risk controls, credit controls, and clearing protocols to give people the confidence and safety to transact something as new as Bitcoin.” – Tim McCourt (Tweet)

  • How interest in cryptocurrency has changed over the last couple of years
  • Why the guests disagree about the public long-term interest in cryptocurrency
  • The historical precedent for the benefits of futures in the economy

“The amount of venture capital money going in to [the cryptocurrency space] is just overwhelming.” – James Koutolas (Tweet)

  • Why it takes various kinds of traders to make the financial system work so well
  • The trading strategies around cryptocurrency and how it has evolved

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“I think that the one thing investors really better be cautious about is when they invest in a ‘crypto hedge fund’, that they’re investing in something that’s not just long crypto.” – James Koutolas (Tweet)