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10 Top Traders Round Table with Ryan Abrams, Ela Karahasanoglu, and Carrie Lo – 2of2

"You need to share the vision and have a vision as where the portfolio is going." (Tweet)

Top Traders is bringing you Top Traders Round Table, a series of conversations with industry leaders on the subject of Managed Futures. On this episode my guests are Ryan Abrams, Portfolio Manager at Wisconsin Alumni Research Association, Ela Karahasanoglu, VP at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and Carrie Lo, Director of Hedge Strategies at CalSTRS.


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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • When do you stop adding more managers?
  • Ela’s magic range of managers
  • Carrie’s approach to choosing managers
  • How management fees should be structured
  • What advice Carrie would give to other pensions planning to start allocating to risk mitigation strategies
  • Why Ela recommends a thorough preparation and vision for risk mitigation strategies
  • Ryan’s thoughts on trends during dislocation periods
  • What challenges the guests had to overcome as part of their implementation process
  • Why CalPERS are leaving hedge funds when CalSTRS are adding them, even when some of the board members are the same

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"Having a consistent strategy and data to back that up is important." - (Tweet)