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12 Top Traders Round Table with Michael Adam, David Harding, and Marty Lueck – 2of3

“That’s the challenge you face in systematic trading: it’s not to be really, really good, it’s not to be useful." (Tweet)

Top Traders is bringing you Top Traders Round Table, a series of conversations with industry leaders on the subject of Managed Futures. On this special episode, my guests are the founders of AHL: Michael Adam who later co-founded Aspect Capital, David Harding also known as founder and CEO of Winton Capital and Marty Lueck also one of the co-founders of Aspect Capital.

We sat down in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London to talk about what AHL's founders did after they created the company, what they've learned along the way about business and life, and how they view the current market climates.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • The future of a science-driven trading approach
  • What David’s vision was when he started Winton Capital
  • The beginnings of Aspect Capital
  • Why Winton moved away from traditional trend following
  • The challenges that equities and managed futures present for investors
  • Why David chose to lower volatility of his strategy
  • Michael’s experience with deep value investing
  • When it’s time to ask “do you want to be happy or rich?”
  • What caused Michael to leave the industry
  • How they have evolve using different data sources and new markets
  • The danger of “hindsight bias”
  • What disadvantages machine learning have presented
  • Why Marty views asset allocation as part of a trend following model
  • How they see our current financial climate

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“Markets are neural networks, they are hundreds of thousands of people motivated to make money." - (Tweet)