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02 Top Traders Round Table with Amy Elefante Bedi, Ernest Jaffarian, and Phil Hatzopoulos – 2of2

"Most people don’t realize how broad the CTA space is." (Tweet)

We’re back with Top Traders Round Table, a discussion with industry leaders on the subject of Managed Futures. This is Part 2 of our conversation with guests Amy Elefante Bedi, Director of Hedged Strategies at Washington University Investment Management Company in St. Louis, Ernest Jaffarian, the CEO of Efficient Capital Management as well Phil Hatzopoulos , who is the Global Head of Buyside Sales at the CME Group.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • What the response has been to lower performance of hedge funds in recent years
  • How managers have dealt with the challenging performance environment
  • What institutional investors are looking to get out of the Managed Futures space
  • How Smart Beta is being used
  • If its true that you get what you pay for
  • The movement towards BIG data
  • The concern of investors about the fixed income sector
  • What would happen if interest rates starts going up
  • What the biggest opportunities are for the Managed Futures industry in 2017
  • How regulations could destroy the industry
  • The biggest challenge that institutions face before they embrace CTAs
  • How to overcome the fear of investing in the Managed Futures space

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"Liquidity in the market doesn't concern me because the overall size of the industry is still significantly smaller than its historical peak." (Tweet)