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06 Top Traders Round Table with Chris Solarz, Adam Duncan, Freeman Wood – 2of2

“I think people lose sight of the fact that hedge funds have done a very good job over the last 15 years.” – Adam Duncan (Tweet)

We are back with another great episode of Top Traders Round Table, a series of conversations with industry leaders on the subject of Managed Futures. On this episode my guests are Chris Solarz, Managing Director, Global Macro Hedge Fund Strategies at Cliffwater, Adam Duncan, Managing Director at Cambridge Associates as well as Freeman Wood, who is a Partner and Head of North America, at Mercer.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

    • If there are there enough assets to go around
    • What made 2015 such a weak year for hedge funds
    • Why 2016 was such a strong year for hedge funds
    • The future of hedge fund investing
    • What Chris thinks hedge fund managers have done poorly
    • How Adam looks at fees as a coin toss
    • Why Freeman thinks that fees must add value to both parties
    • The guest’s biggest takeaways from 2016
    • How the rise of the voter is providing opportunities to hedge fund managers
    • The coming possibility of an equity correction, and it’s effects
    • The question everyone should be asking right now
    • Why a client needs a goal and a timeline for their assets

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“I think some of the high performance culture is contributing to a lack or unwillingness to take risk.” – Adam Duncan – (Tweet)