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104 The Passive and The Active Investor with Harold de Boer of Transtrend – 2of2

“Are you invested in something that, whatever is going to happen, you can say, ‘okay, I’m invested in that for a good reason and I know that’s why i have it’?” - Harold de Boer (Tweet)

Katy Kaminski and I continue our conversation with Harold de Boer, and discuss his philosophy behind pure trend and divergent trading, as well as why Harold believes Transtrend is unique in the managed future space. In this episode, we talk about the benefits of synthetic trading, Harold's advice to a new rising star, and what he is looking forward to going forward.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Harold de Boer.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How Harold views pure trend and divergent trading within Transtrend

“Pure trend, somehow the meaning of the term has changed.” - Harold de Boer (Tweet)

  • What pure trend means today in comparison to what it used to mean
  • What it means to Harold to serve his clients best through his trading
  • How trading synthetic markets helps to profit from trends

“I think the ultimate investor should not invest everything in one investment program. You should have different investment styles and you can combine those things.” - Harold de Boer (Tweet)

  • What Harold thinks is unique about Transtrend’s trading model
  • The research projects that inspire Harold right now
  • Why Harold believes it's unrealistic to expect returns without volatility

“This willingness to be ready for the short trend in stocks; synthetics helped in making that possible.” - Harold de Boer (Tweet)

  • The differences between the passive and active investor
  • What excites Harold about 2018
  • The things that scare Harold and keep him up at night
  • Why risk management should be done by anticipation, not by response


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“As long as the stock markets keep on rising like they did last year, then people will think we don’t need CTA’s.” - Harold de Boer (Tweet)