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98 Adapting to the Ever Changing Markets with Marty Bergin of DUNN Capital – 2of2

“I really feel that the one missing piece in our program is short-term timeframe. If I could find something that worked in the short-term timeframe, I would love to add it to the program in some way.” - Marty Bergin (Tweet)

Katy Kaminski and I continue our conversation with Marty Bergin, and discuss his philosophy behind DUNN Capital's success, and why many investors don't understand trend following strategies. In this episode, we will discuss what investors and trend followers should be focusing on, and what risks excessive regulation may lead to for the industry.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Marty Bergin.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How DUNN views it’s expansion into more markets

“The other adage is that managed futures can’t make money in a rising interest rate environment. That just doesn’t make any sense to me.” - Marty Bergin (Tweet)

  • Why their NO management fee policy has helped DUNN throughout the years
  • How DUNN will adapt to the ever changing market environment
  • What investors have a hard time understanding about trend followers

“The fact that we lost money for six straight months in 2017 never has happened in the history of Dunn, but in that period of time we lost 5 percent. In trading at the volatility levels that we trade at, that’s phenomenal.” - Marty Bergin (Tweet)

  • Marty’s goal over the next ten years
  • What Marty fears most in his work at DUNN
  • The most important question investors should be asking themselves right now

“I don’t think people understand in a firm how much the dynamic can change when you bring in new people, and we spend a lot of time researching for people we bring into the firm.” - Marty Bergin (Tweet)

  • Why Marty believes trend following strategies should be more widely available
  • Marty’s advice to young investors and aspiring trend followers


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“Most of the key things about what we do are things I learned from Bill, and some of them aren’t even accepted in the industry.” - Marty Bergin (Tweet)