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66 Trade Innovation for 2015 with Luc van Hof of Capital Hedge

“A seasoned trader feels happy the moment he enters into a good trade, even if that trade ends up with losses.” – Luc van Hof (Tweet)

In this year-end review, Luc van Hof discusses what he learned from 2014 and how his firm innovated to create better gains for customers in 2015. He also talks about the Swiss Franc and why he was not trading it when the major move happened in 2015.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Luc van Hof.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The two programs that his firm trades.
  • What kind of risk both of his programs take on.
  • What 2014 taught Luc.
  • What he learned from the Swiss Franc move.
  • Why they didn’t trade the Swiss Franc…on the day of the big move.
  • Why he wishes they could have taken a holiday for 6 months after the end of June.

    “You have no choice but to be active in the market.” – Luc van Hof (Tweet)

  • The advantage of trading frequently.
  • The new innovation that his firm started this year.
  • His thoughts on volatility.

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