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53 Trend Following vs. Trend Capturing with Tim Pickering of Auspice Capital Advisors – 1of2

“Investment returns don’t come in straight lines, they don’t come in nice weekly, monthly or yearly blocks.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

What is the difference between simply following a trend and capturing it? Why is growth not consistent and gradual and why do we want it to be?

Learn answers to these questions and more in this week’s episodes. Niels chats with the founder of a seasoned trend-follower in Canada, who knew he wanted to go into the financial markets since his university days. His story of working for large investment banks to starting his own firm will inspire current managers and hopeful managers alike.

Thanks for listening and please welcome our next guest Tim Pickering.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Tim tries to get away from being labelled as one thing or another.
  • About growing up on a farm in Canada.
  • How he knew he wanted to be a trader.
  • How his experience in the energy markets affected the way he ran his business when he started it.

    “I’m very conservative with my own capital and that has really filtered into the investment approach that I’ve taken.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • Why discipline is so important for the kind of manager that Tim is.
  • Why he has stuck with the theme of trading commodities.

    “We don’t force commodity exposure – but we are absolutely happy to focus on it.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • What Tim does when he is not running Auspice.

    “We have a small music studio in our office.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • The difference between following a trend and capturing a trend.
  • How growth is not slow and steady.
  • An overview of the products that Auspice runs.
  • Why they launched a beta product after launching their flagship product.
  • The history of how Tim grew Auspice with his business partner.
  • How he chose to structure his business.
  • How a small team can deliver the same value as a larger manager.

    “By virtue of being non-discretionary, I don’t need a massive infrastructure.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • What people should notice when looking at the track record of Auspice.
  • What the Diversified Program does.
  • How many markets he actually trades.
  • Why position resizing is important.

    “What is hard to do is when to adjust or take those risks off.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

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Learn more about Calgary, Canada.

Both Tim and his business partner from Auspice previously worked at TD Securities.

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“This mindset that you need 100 PhDs to compete against another firm is just an excuse.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)