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60 Understanding The Investor’s Perspective from 2014 with Anders Lindell of IPM

“I do believe that many institutional investors out there have started looking at hedge funds with a more positive view on the space as a whole.” – Anders Lindell (Tweet)

How do clients understand a trading strategy so that they stick by the firm in hard times? How do investors make sense of when things go well for the CTA industry. We dive into these questions and more on this next episode, a year-in-review from Anders Lindell of IPM.

Thanks for listening and please welcome Anders Lindell.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why 2014 was a model-proving year for IPM.
  • How relative bond trading worked so well for his firm.
  • How the world events of 2014 affect how much risk people take on in general.
  • Why his models got the Russian Ruble wrong.
  • Anders’ new role within IPM that was a highlight for him during last year.
  • How conversations with investors changed over the year.

    “We have the advantage of being able to frame our trading based on relatively understandable concepts.” – Anders Lindell (Tweet)

  • How Anders thinks about divergence in context with the market’s past history.
  • How he makes sure that clients know what they are buying into.
  • Why he wants a normalization from the central banks.

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