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54 What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur with Tim Pickering of Auspice Capital Advisors – 2of2

“Investing is a challenge. But the bigger challenge is running a business and managing people and relationships.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

In the second part of our talk with Tim Pickering, we dive into the details of his firm and the challenges that he has to overcome as a business owner and entrepreneur. Tim has some valuable life lessons for managers who are just getting started. He also dives into the different ways investors should carry out their due diligence and why he wanted to become a manager in the first place.

Thanks for listening to Part 2 of our conversation with Tim Pickering.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The details of Auspice’s programs and what makes them different from other managers.

    “The goal of all the system development that we do is to develop strategies that adapt to the environment.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • What discretionary traders are good at and how Tim captures lessons from them in a systematic model.
  • How he implements the system in practice.
  • How Tim measures risk.

    “What is that risk you have to take to make a return?” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • How he copes with being in a drawdown.
  • What he has learned from the drawdowns that Auspice has been through.

    “You have to have a lot of fortitude and patience in a strategy like this.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • What keeps him up at night.
  • What questions he brainstorms with his research team currently.

    “Basic trend following or trend capture, wrapped in rigorous risk management capital allocation works, point blank.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • How to detect if a model is deteriorating.
  • How meaningful are back tests?
  • About the CTA value-added index that Auspice developed.
  • The difference in investing through a fund, an EFT, or other options.
  • What investors should be asking when they go through their due diligence with Auspice Capital.

    “You always have these hopes and dreams when you go through a due diligence process that you get to talk about certain things, and often times you don’t.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)

  • Why he became an entrepreneur.
  • The books Tim would recommend for traders and managers.
  • What skill he would pass on to his children if he could choose only one.

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Learn about the Barclay CTA Index that Tim mentions.

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“The ability to not fade and have fortitude is so important in life.” – Tim Pickering (Tweet)