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76 Why He Still Trades His Own Money with Barnaby Cardwell of Cardwell Investment Technologies – 2of2

“It’s 70 percent losing trades, a bit like a trend follower.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

In the second part of our conversation with Barnaby Cardwell, we dive into the details of his program, how he built his company, and what he thinks it takes to be a good manager of a trading firm.

Thanks for listening and please welcome back our guest Barnaby Cardwell.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What indicators Barnaby considers more reliable.
  • How he gets into a trade.

    “It’s not good if we come up with a new system and it’s correlated to existing systems.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • How important is the position sizing?
  • How much AUM his model can handle.
  • Risk management: how he defines risk and what he does to mitigate it.
  • What he has learned from drawdowns.

    “We learned that what we put in place works, don’t deviate from it.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • What keeps Barnaby awake at night.

    “We’re quite strict on risk. So I sleep alright.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • Trading spread between markets and the research his firm is doing into that space.
  • Why he focuses on the managed-account route.
  • How he stands out from the crowd to attract investors.

    “I think we picked up a lot of credibility by trading our own money. We’ve never had a bank’s balance sheet to keep us having a salary.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • About “key-man” risk.
  • What potential investors don’t ask in their due diligence questions.
  • What it takes to be a great trader.

    “Be very patient, and pick your trades. The problem is, traders put on boredom trades.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)

  • What books have inspired him in trading and life.
  • What his biggest failure is so far.

Resources & Links Mentioned in this Episode:

People that have inspired Barnaby include James Harris Simons, QIM, and the book Trading in the Zone.

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“I make an effort not associating the size of the trade or the loss with money equivalents in real life.” – Barnaby Cardwell (Tweet)