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Why it's OK when people don't like what you do

Why it's OK when people don't like what you do

If your strategy is within the CTA space, you will certainly know what I'm talking about. At the moment, not many investors look at these strategies in a favorable light.
But that is OK in my view!

Of course, it applies to any strategy as these things go in cycles!

This is why building a loyal following as a manager is important. Success in most businesses today is about having a group of people who like what you do, not just what your product can do! So the question is, HOW DO YOU BUILD THIS FOLLOWING?

The way you do it, is by getting out in the open and share yourself authentically where you are not afraid of opening up to some personal insights! Share with the public who you are, what you like to do, as it will helps you build a loyal following.

Now, not everyone will like you once you start opening up and share your message because they will have different values or views - perhaps they don't like the fact you don't wear a suit or drive a fancy car - but that is OK. You don't want to have those people in your following anyway.

In other words, if you try to market to everyone, you will market to NO one effectively.
So to put it in to perspective. When it comes to the investors you want in your business - it's better to focus on a small list of people who like what you do and the strategy you employ, instead of trying to get everyone to like your strategy. Oh, and by the way - a lot of the people who don't like a particular strategy, often don't understand the strategy in the first place!
For my part, it means that at the moment, when most people tend not to appreciate what CTAs do and the role they play in a portfolio - I simply focus on the few names that like me, my team and what we do. Not because our performance is better than others...in many cases it isn't. But because we offer so much more in the dialog we have with our investors and potential investors.

It's about providing value and over delivering!

So accept the "haters" will always be out there but focus on the people who love you and what you do!
But let me just end with a question for you:
What are you doing to be yourself in your communication? and how are people reacting to this?
Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.