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87 An Engineer Uses Machine Learning in Investment Management with Andrew Baxter of Cambridge Capital Managment – 1of2

“I’m an engineer. I always have been.” – Andrew Baxter (Tweet) Andrew Baxter worked at British Aerospace as an engineer before joining the investment management world. He still considers himself an engineer. Listen in to learn how he uses machine learning, why he keeps innovating, and how he started his own firm. Thanks for listening…

Market Trends for January 2019

So after a solid December, trend followers found themselves playing defense as best they could, just like in this weekends 2019 Super Bowl.

January is also the month where each year I get to spend time with my peers at 2 of the worlds largest hedge fund/CTA conferences in Miami.

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Most Comprehensive Guide to the Best Investment Books of All Time Get the most comprehensive guide to more than 100 of the BEST investment books, with insights, and learn from some of the wisest and most accomplished investors in the world. A collection of MUST READ books carefully selected for you. Get it now absolutely…

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Interview Transcripts

Thank you again for signing up to receive information from me. I promised you transcripts of the first ten episodes, but please find below links to transcripts from EVERY episode of Top Traders Unplugged. I hope these will prove useful in your own manager research or if you are looking to improve your own trading/investment…

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78 The Systematic Investor Series – March 8th, 2020

This week, we discuss the potential benefits of investing in more than one systematic fund, Tom Basso’s research finding that Trend Following returns increase as market volatility increases, the process behind Moritz’s discretionary trade last week, sizing positions according to volatility, the historic rally in government bonds, and the importance of good risk management. Questions…