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Top Traders Unplugged – Marty Bergin, DUNN Capital | #98

“I really feel that the one missing piece in our program is short-term timeframe. If I could find something that worked in the short-term timeframe, I would love to add it to the program in some way.” – Marty Bergin (Tweet) Katy Kaminski and I continue our conversation with Marty Bergin, and discuss his philosophy…

Top Traders Unplugged – Marty Bergin, DUNN Capital | #97

“[Bill] thought he was the only person [using trend following], and to tell the truth, I’m not sure that he was completely confident that it worked.” – Marty Bergin (Tweet) Our guest today is the President and Owner of DUNN Capital. Having a deep background in finance and business management, Marty oversees all mission-critical operations…