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21 Want to Build a Computer That Makes Money? with Nigol Koulajian of Quest Partners – 1of2

“Volatility is the most important criteria behind our strategy.” – Nigol Koulajian (Tweet) Want to build a computer that makes money? Quest Partners LLC has a long, robust track record with their systematic trading approach. They utilize a different strategies from many of their peers and have diversified their product range to include equity programs both hedge and long…

19 How to Take the Emotions out of Investment Decision Making with Roman Lutz of Future Value Capital – 1of2

“In 2008, during the financial crisis, I realized that the hedge fund industry had a significant problem. The problem was, and still is, many hedge funds don’t deliver what the client expects them to deliver.” – Roman Lutz (Tweet) Can you implement well established hedge fund strategies in a systematic way? Future Value Capital has been researching this…